Experience Stress-Free Giving. Wrap Perfectly in an Instant with Pop-Up Gift Wrap. Hello, Confidence.


We Understand How Busy Your Life Is!


PATENTED & REUSABLE Pop-Up Gift Wrap has Helped 1000's of People with Fast & Easy Stress-Free Gifting

It's saving me hours and they look fab!

Colene V.

I made the gift look like it was wrapped by a Pro, and it was so easy!

Marla M.

Worth every penny! I've reused them over and over again!

Kim F.

Simply Beautiful.

Benjamin A.

Finally a modern way to wrap presents.


Well made boxes with everything you need.

Carol A.



Purchase Individually or Bundled and Save

* Have Them When You NEED Them

* Packaged FLAT for easy storage & reuse


* Give with CONFIDENCE

* Be the Envy of Your Friends



* Made from sturdy Paperboard, Pop-Up Gift Wrap is UNIQUELY DESIGNED TO LAST

* Folds FLAT for easy storage & reuse

* ALWAYS READY for gifts purchased online, Teachers, Co-Workers, Friends

It's Just this Simple


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You know how some people cop-out and use a gift bag to avoid the stress and hassle of wrapping a gift?

We've invented a simple gift wrap solution called Pop-Up Gift Wrap. This means anyone can wrap a gift perfectly in an instant and give that present with confidence.

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At Give Simply we know that you want to feel confident when you give a present. In order to do that, you need a simple gift wrap solution. The problem is you don't have the time for old-school wrapping, which makes you feel like a cop-out when you grab a gift bag. 

We believe giving a beautiful gift should be easy and stress-free. We understand how busy your life is. Wrapping a present is a stress you just don't need, which is why we invented Pop-Up Gift Wrap.  We've helped 1000's of people with fast and easy stress-free giving.

Using Pop-Up Gift Wrap is just as simple.  1) Order your wraps, individually or in a ValuePack. We recommend having them on hand so you always have it when you need it. 2) Ready to gift? With just two folds and the tie of the ribbon you're ready! 3) Re-Use. Pop-Up Gift Wrap folds flat for easy storage and ..

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WASTE: The 5 Million Ton Elephant at the Party

Did You Know...

* Pop-Up Gift Wrap is Reusable AND Recyclable

* Most Gift Wrap & Bags ... Read more are NOT recyclable, which creates 5 million tons of unnecessary waste every year. When you use Pop-Up Gift Wrap, you're doing something Good for the Environment. Pop-Up Gift Wrap is made to be earth friendly. The paperboard is made from FSC Certified paper, which means it's been sourced in an environmentally-friendly and socially responsible way. Most wrapping paper and bags use a plastic coating to get that pretty shine, but that's what makes it unsafe to recycle. We use a water-based coating so that the product is protected and beautiful, but still recyclable. So every time you gift with reusable and recyclable Pop-Up Gift Wrap, you're doing your part to help reduce the weight of that elephant!

Gifting is Better

"Finally a modern way to wrap presents!" 

* It's a patented box that wraps unlike anything you've ever seen!

* Designed to be easy to use

... Read more* It's a gift wrapping kit with everything you need (and none of the waste) Pop-Up Gift Wrap  wraps exactly like wrapping paper, but much easier!  It’s easier because we've removed all of the unnecessary paper, created a “box form”, pre-creased the folds for you and even put a small piece of two sided tape just where you need it! You don't have to find a box, tape or scissors.  You don't need to cut the paper to fit around the box. You don't have a mess to clean up: No excess paper (aka trash), No scissors, No tape. Whoever you give the present to will then have everything they need for the next gift (we recommend writing your name on the inside!) And it all stores flat and organized. Now that's better gifting.



Pop-Up Gift Wrap is a Great Value!

“Worth every penny! I’ve reused them over and over again.”  

*Everything is Included the box/wrapping paper, tissue paper, ribbon and three name tags for ultimate convenience.  Pop-Up Gift Wrap is ... Read more carefully designed to fold flat with everything placed neatly together ready to be reused again and again. It’s true you will be giving it away, but we have found they come back to you as well.